Sullivan Newborn

We are at that age where our closest friends are starting to become parents and it's one of the strangest and most amazing things I've witnessed. Kristy has been one of my best friends ever since meeting my sophomore year of college. We have countless memories of fun trips and adventures we've had (including skiing, Disney world and Harry Potter world, and a Bahamas cruise!) Sadly, her and Lance moved to Asheville way too long ago, but thankfully it's an easy drive (bonus that we love Asheville) so we still get to see them often and celebrate these milestones together. Baby Sullivan was just a week old when we went to visit and capture this in-home session. Can't wait to see them again soon!


Troy & Libby

We were blessed with the opportunity to capture the lovely wedding of Troy and Libby on Lake Murray, SC. This sweet couple has been dating for 12 years and this wedding was definitely much anticipated! The low-key, intimate ceremony reflected their carefree and laid back personalities with barefeet and minimal decorations and only family in attendance. It was so fun to see the joy that was apparent on everyone's faces as these two finally tied the knot. Troy and Libby radiated love and joy for each other and to each person in attendance of the ceremony and larger reception. 


Sanders Wedding - Raleigh, North Carolina

Small weddings can turn out so beautiful! I was thankful to be part of this wedding ceremony in Raleigh a few months ago and deliver these pictures. The Sanders are such a fun couple and their wedding was gorgeous! Here are some of our favorite pictures.

A Journey into the Basque Country - The Importance of Nonprofit Videos

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a friend of mine about doing a video on a ministry he's pursuing with unreached people groups in another country. I was excited to help him in any way I could, which for me was to create a video portraying what he was pursuing. 

One of the hardest things about raising support for nonprofits is communicating effectively so people can understand where their money is going. I've done many videos for nonprofits, such as YoungLife, FCA, and School Fundraisers. Something I've learned time and time again is the importance of video and how it can effectively communicate what you're raising support for. *A video does not replace the importance of face to face meetings with people about your ministry you are fundraising for, but it is an effective tool.* I've generated a short list of things that help people see what they need to hear in your nonprofit video.

1. Let them know who you are.

I've known Chris for a while and I know he's a charismatic, loving guy whose life experiences have embedded in him a passionate pursuit of God. Your video should be able to capture that aspect of him that people can easily see and relate to. The audience gets a chance to see how he acts, how he talks, and the things in life he truly cares about.

Knowing the subject and feeling the emotion they have make us want to be on their team. It makes us understand a little bit about how they think and how they wish to change the community through their actions.

2. Create a sense of need.

In a passionate and straight-forward way, Chris shares the need of showing the staggering numbers of unreached people in the world the love and joy that can only be found in Christ. He talks about a region of the world that doesn't want anything to do with church because of how they have been mistreated, but the team hopes to portray the Gospel in a loving and compassionate way that truly displays how Christ loves the church.

The need is something that all people who love and follow God can relate to. Regardless of what you are fundraising for, if you emphasize the need of something that we may have readily available, helps us hurt for those who lack what we're trying to bring - in this case, the gospel.

3. Call to action.

Chris's journey to the Basque Country requires financial support to move to the Basque region to spread the gospel there. Hearing his story gives us the opportunity to support him.

After getting to know the person and recognizing the need, the call to action makes the viewer feel much more involved. There's a way that to help this person, and they are more willing to join in the mission if they can personally relate.

I really enjoyed working with Chris on this video, and I am excited to see how God uses him to spread the gospel to the Basque Regions of Northern Spain. Take a minute to watch the video and contact him about how you can help him.

Eddie & Dianne

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of my co-worker's Father and Stepmother. It was a beautiful ceremony with such a great couple.